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Spa Packages

Spa Package #1- $145- Massage & Luxurious Facial Mask

Package includes a relaxing massage plus an ultra hydrating facial mask, which we will start by massaging Jojoba Oil & Tea Tree oil into your face then use a hot towel to remove dirt, oil and makeup so your face is clean and ready to absorb the mask. We will then apply the ultra-nourishing mask that will leave your skin hydrated and glowing. Service is a total of 90 minutes. 

Spa Package #2- $145- Massage & Foot Scrub

Package includes a relaxing massage plus a luxurious foot scrub. We use gentle dead sea salts, marine extracts and African Shea Butter exfoliate to smooth and soften. We will then follow up with a rich hydrating foot balm which adds long lasting moisture. Service is a total of 90 minutes.

You can choose from this list of scents:

Peppermint, Lavender, Rose, Coffee

Spa Package #3- $205- Massage, Luxurious Facial Mask & Foot Scrub

Package includes a long relaxing massage, the luxurious face mask and the Foot Scrub treatment as described above. Your special person will not be disappointed, they will talk out feeling refreshed and renewed.  This service is for a total of 120 minutes. Scent options for the foot scrub are Peppermint,Lavender,Rose or Coffee

Spa Package #4- $145- Massage with Hands and Feet Treatment

Package includes a relaxing massage, a hand and foot treatment. We will use a sugar scrub with the scent of your choosing to scrub your hands and feet. Leaving them hydrated and soft. This service is for a total of 90 minutes. Scent options for the hand and foot scrub are Peppermint, Lavender, Rose, or Coffee. 

Spa Package #5- $65-140- Massage & Sinus Relief

Package includes a massage and sinus relief. Focused attention to your head, neck and sinus areas to reduce inflammation, pain and promote drainage. It also includes one of our 10ml sinus rollers for you to take home. Anyone dealing with allergies, sinus pain, sinus headaches etc. can greatly benefit.

30 Min- $65

60 Min- $100

90 Min- $140

Massage Series
(5) 30 minute massage sessions - $215
(5) 60 minute massage sessions - $380
(5) 90 minute massage sessions - $570

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