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Bentonville Massage Center

My name is Kathy Martin, and for the past 18 years I have been a licensed Massage Therapist through the Arkansas Department of Health. We service clients at Bentonville Massage Center located in Northwest Arkansas.  We specialize in Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Sports Massage,PreNatal,CranialSacral, Ashiatsu, Hot Stones and Cupping.  All Sessions offered through our practice are therapeutic and real bodywork designed to help keep our clients moving and performing better than ever.


Kathy - 18 Years Experience

Deep tissue, Relaxation, Injury Recovery, E-stim, Ashiatsu, Reflexology, PreNatal 


Debbie- 30 Years Experience

Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, PreNatal, Reflexologybie


Charlotte- 16 Years Experience

Certified Reflexologist, MyoFascial, Swedish, Relaxation 


Maddie - 6 Years Experience 

Deep Tissue, Cupping, Sweedish, PreNatal 

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